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PNAP Best of (duplicates)-0617.jpg
Photography by Olivia Mikolai Ridge

Lucky Pierre (Kevin Kaempf (b. 1971); Michael Thomas (b. 1961); Mary Zerkel (b. 1965)) with Daniel Perkins (b. 1976) and the P+NAP Think Tank

Think Tank Timeline


Mixed media


Personal histories, intertwined with national and local events tell the story of the humans of life row. Each small marker on the timeline is enormous in reality, representing lives changed and ripple effects that continue to the present moment.

The timeline features the personal histories of Michael Bell, Reginald BoClair, Robert Curry, Darrell Wayne Fair, Antonio "TK" Kendrick, Darnell Lane, Jerel Matthews, Daniel Perkins, Steven P. Ramirez, Benny Rios, Jimmy Soto, Michael Sullivan, and Johnny Taylor. 


Special thanks to Ben Austen

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