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Artwork,Prose, & Poetry

PNAP Best of (duplicates)-1118.jpg
Photography by Olivia Mikolai Ridge

The pieces featured in this exhibition are representative of dialogues taking place between writers and artists across walls, distance, and time. The artists and writers reflect on the impacts of incarceration and topics such as identity, family, justice, and love, to name a few. 

Of the works that follow, some of the artists at Stateville chose to create works based on their own writing and areas of interest. Visual artists of the PNAP Think Tank at Stateville were also invited to create works in response to the writing of women experiencing Life Row at Logan Correctional Center. Artists on the outside were invited to respond to the writing of men experiencing Life Row at Stateville. 

A virtual tour of the exhibition as it was displayed at

Co-Prosperity Sphere (3219 S Morgan St. Chicago, IL) from April 27 - June 5

Please note: You can download PDFs of the writing pieces by clicking the downward arrow on the right hand side.

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